A skateboard story

Everyone knows: skateboarding is more than just a sport. It is an attitude towards life.

During the summer workshop with 8 times World Press Photo winner Jan Grarup in Copenhagen in july 2013, Nils produced a photo reportage on the “skateboardingscene” in the Fælledparken skatepark in Copenhagen. He was following different skaters during three days…

Some people might think that skateboarding is just a hype…but it is not. Sure there are times where the media is boosting the scene but there are times where you might not hear much about it…but for those who are really into shredding (most of the skaters are)…the sport will last forever. Even if you can’t skate anymore, however why, you hang out with your mates, enjoying the other skaters and celebrate every single minute on the court.

The rules are pretty simple, enjoy live, enjoy skateboarding, love your mates and from time to time get wasted.

If you are poor, you are welcome, if you are not “cool”, you are welcome, if you are a kids..welcome, matures…welcome, if you are a racist…piss off!

This photo-story can only scratch the surface of skateboarding but it gives a nice small view on one of the greatest sports of all time.

Keep rollin’


This work was exhibited in Jan’s gallery in Copenhagen in july 2013.


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